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Check out some kind words from our past (now adult!) clients.


Jasmin Teurlings
Reporter, Channel 7

"I am a firm believer that anyone can learn to sing with the right guidance and perseverance.


Tania was that teacher and more for me. I first started voice training when she opened her studio in 2012. Over the next nine years she helped me land roles this “actor/dancer” never thought possible.


Nowadays, I use those same vocal foundations in my career as a television reporter. Never underestimate what your voice is capable of - especially after a session with Tania."


Alex De Porteous
Cabaret Artist

"As a Cabaret artist and MC, vocal health and technique is always a priority for me.


I began vocal coaching with Tania in 2012 as a creative outlet while I was in school. Tania’s industry knowledge and passion for the voice is inspiring, but it was her gentle encouragement to start performing onstage that shifted my focus to a career in the entertainment industry.


Tania supported me in producing my first show at Adelaide Fringe in 2016, and the knowledge and skills gained in my years of vocal coaching with her are the same skills I practice in my shows today.


Tania taught me much more than how to sing, she opened doors that turned my passion into a career."


Recording Artist

"I started lessons at Tania’s vocal studio when I was 12 years old. Not only was I taught important fundamentals of vocal technique and vocal health, but she also inspired me to kick start my career as a singer/songwriter. In turn, Tania’s vast industry knowledge helped make my dream a reality. I still put in practice the techniques that she has taught me whilst playing shows and festivals across the country and now, even pass them down to my own singing students today. 


Learning to sing is so much more than just making a pretty sound - and with Tania’s guidance and expertise, the sky’s the limit."

Katelyn Crawford Headshot Photos by Jamois.jpg

Katelyn Crawford
Opera Singer

" I started taking vocal lessons at Tania Savelli’s vocal studio, in 2014.  After just one lesson, in which I was introduced to elements of vocal anatomy, I was instantly fascinated by the inner workings of the voice and how this applied to my singing. This inspired me to become a vocal teacher myself!


The studio also provided me with opportunities to practice performing as a solo performer in AMEB exams and studio shows, which helped me to prepare for my career as a professional singer. "

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