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Speech pathology sessions for the young singer.

At Vocal Hub Kids, we are passionate about all young children having the ability to communicate effectively. We pride ourselves on a holistic approach to voice training and over the years, in conjunction with health care professionals, we have worked with many children displaying functional voice disorders (such as nodules) as well as children with speech sound disorders and language disorders. We are now proud to add speech pathology services to our studio and welcome paediatric speech pathologist and vocal coach Melissa Choong to our team.


45 minute Vocal Health Screening - with a Vocal Hub Director $88 

Our therapy fees are in alignment with the NDIS hourly rate for allied health professionals at $193.99  per hour.

Therapy sessions with Melissa are claimable on Medicare and private health insurance.

40 minute Speech Pathology Assessment - $129.33

(a double session may be needed for more thorough, standardised assessments)

40 minute Speech Therapy Session - $129.33

Report Writing (long) - $193.33

Report Writing (short) - $97

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